Work in ongoing for the burrowing owl exhibit.

Drainage work is delaying completion of the walk through.

2 hatchlings and some Bolsons

eggs were found April 27. The egg hunt will continue. Egg hatchings

should be happening next month.

Behind the scenes they clean the trail and enclosures.

Volunteers help with pre-school time during the school year and zoo camp in the summer.

We help make it happen!

Join us, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling  and a free meal once a year. What a deal!

No tours currently scheduled.

News for the volunteers of the Living Desert Zoo State Park

Zoo News

Some volunteers only come out at night (star parties and moon walks).

Volunteers do a lot at the zoo and not all of them are seen. The most obvious is of course the front desk. The perfect place for a people person. You get to meet people from all over the United States   and some foreign countries.

Tour group schedule. Call Kay if you want to help, or just come  along.  575-887-5516

Docents lead tours and take stations during tours and moon walks.

What we do

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98 dedicated volunteers contributed over 10,693 hours of service in 2016. That equates to 5.1 full time employees (who don't take vacations).

        Welcome from the
Friends of the Living Desert