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Several of our docents are available for outreach programs to schools, scouts, and other educational groups. Please call to reserve one of our programs. We are also willing to develop a new Chihuahuan Desert program, if time permits.

Here is a list of developed programs:
Bird Beaks: The students will determine the species and diet of Chihuahuan Desert birds by examining the function and shapes of "human" tools that replicate birds' bills and comparing them to pictures of birds. (4th grade and up)
You are What You Eat: Students will examine the teeth of various mammals to determine if an animal is an herbivore,  carnivore, or omnivore. (4th grade and up)
CSI: Who Killed the Rabbit?:  Students will determine which Chihuahuan Desert mammal killed a rabbit using the animal's physical and behavioral adaptations. (3rd grade and up)
Mexican Gray Wolves:  Students will view a PowerPoint presentation to learn facts and the importance of Mexican Gray Wolves. They will examine a skull and foot print to understand the adaptations of these endangered wolves. (1st grade and up)
Food Chain or Food Web of the Chihuahuan Desert:  Students will view a PowerPoint presentation about  Food Chains or Food Webs and  then using pictures and a booklet of plants and animals of our desert make food chains or food webs. (3rd grade and up)
Endangered and Threatened Species:  Students will become aware of why some plants and animals are threatened or endangered  around the world. They will also learn about the endangered animals housed at the Living Desert. This program uses a PowerPoint presentation and animal pelts. (3rd grade and up)
Animals of the Chihuahuan Desert: Students will learn about the behaviors and diets of some of our animals.
Snakes Alive: Interpretive Ranger Kathryn Law will come to do a program on Snake Biology and Behavior, including Rattlesnake Awareness. This program is called Snakes Alive! because she brings a real snake along as an educational assistant. Many people fear snakes, and the best way to deal with any fear is to learn as much about the subject of your fear as possible. This program takes about 45 minutes.
Please have disinfectant wet wipes available for any attendees who wish to touch the snake.

Educational Outreach

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